Rifle & Pistol Range

Big Mac Sports Club Rifle/Pistol Range consist of 11 large target backboards. It has a staging table handy for up close pistol use. The range also has 4 shooting benches at the distance of 50, 100, 150, and 200 yards for shooting long rifles. We have a flagpole on the range for when the range is in use and the red flag is flow for safety reasons.

You must supply your own paper targets and means of mounting the targets. Targets must be mounted to the backers ONLY, not the frames.

There must be a Rifle Range Safety Officer on the range at all times when in use. The keys and range flag are located at the Police Station. The RSSO has control of the range and is responsible for the safety foe all users at that time. If you are a member of the Big Mac Sports Club you may take the Rifle Range Safety Officer training so you may use the range when you wish rather than locating a RRSO to assist you.

To become a rifle Range Safety Officer, You must contact one of the following:

Big Mac Sports Club (308) 464-1345

Police Station (308) 284-2024

Rod Kolsrud (308) 284-3883

To see when the training will be offered.